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Exatrom Model 900 Engineering Handlers

The Model 900 Series is a kitless pick-and-place handler that automates test/mark/inspection of devices in JEDEC trays, waffle packs, and other inputs and outputs. Model 900 is a low-cost, small-to-medium-volume, servo-motor based, engineering system that uses single trays. It can use a wide variety of inputs (JEDEC tray, tubes, tape and reel, bowl feeder) and outputs (tray, tubes, tape and reel). Outputs can be configured for multiple sorting options. Pickup heads can carry 1 to 16 devices at a time. Ping-pong operation can move devices to two testers, each with multiple test sockets. All customization can be done using our standard building blocks.

Machine vision can be added for lead/ball inspection, OCR, 2D matrix reading, or device orientation. An in-tray laser-marking chamber with safety features can be added. Thermal testing is another option: hot to 155 C, cold to -55 C, and ambient testing—all in one insertion.

Standard Features

  • The 900 Series standard features include:
  • Dual JEDEC tray carriages
  • Z-axis pickup head with vacuum nozzle on Y-axis gantry
  • Single RF test site with quick-disconnect socket tooling plate
  • Safety covers with magnetic interlock
  • Internal universal switcher power supplies: 100/110/220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Table-top mount
  • Pickups, trays, etc. all controlled by precise servo motors; no steppers
  • CE Marking design rules and construction methods
  • Computer with:
    Flat-panel monitor, Windows operating system, and Exatron software to run the handler
    DVD R/W drive
    Ethernet port for remote service and software updates, USB ports
    Standard RS-232 control port with standard commands (RS-232 or TCP/IP interface)


Any of the following can be incorporated in the Model 900 handler. 

Gantry Options

  • Pickup head rotation
  • Multiple pickup nozzles on one or more heads
  • Second pickup car on independent lead screw
  • Single or multiple-part precisor station
  • Camera system in-tray 1D or 2D barcode reading

Table/Cabinet Options

  • Standard or customized floor-mount cabinet
  • Hydraulic lift option

Test Site and Contractor Options

  • Particle Interconnect test contacts
  • Gerber and photo plots
  • Device guide for Particle Interconnect or pogo pin
  • Pogo pin test sockets
  • DUT boards
  • Air cylinder DUT in test socket clamp assembly
  • Direct dock to Exatron Peregrine Programmer or Exatron open/short testers (all models)
  • Memory test applications — 8 to 16 test sites
  • Large test head docking hardware
    Agilent / HP
    Hi Pot (high voltage)
    Next Test

Hot and Cold Test Options

A complete hot/cold test assembly consists of a minimum of four elements: a thermal car assembly, hot test head, cold test head, and a chiller.

  • Hot-only heat exchanger (resistive type)
  • Cold-only heat exchanger (fluid type)
  • Air purge frost protection at test socket/DUT board
  • Preheat queue plate
  • Hot/cold circulator
  • Air dryer for dry purge air

Input Options

One to five JEDEC tray carriagesWaffle pack tray holder assemblyCustom aluminum waffle pack traysBowl feeder with vibrationDirect die feederTapeTubes with:
Input tube tray mount feeder (high volume)
Input tube vibratory feeder (high volume)
Custom JEDEC-type tray machined from 6061 aluminum (lower volume)

Output Options

  • One to five JEDEC tray carriages
  • Waffle pack tray holder assembly
  • Custom aluminum waffle pack trays
  • Tape:
    Model 201 adjustable-width tape and reel
    Model 202 fixed tooling tape and reel
    Pin-1/mark inspection camera; also replaces empty pocket/out-of-pocket sensors
    Motorized cross-wound reel spool mount
    Zebra printer to print reel labels, traveler data
  • Tubes:
    Output tube feeder
    Aluminum extruded tubes
    Custom tray-to-tube transfer tray machined from 6061 aluminum
  • Bulk:
    "Smart" bucket with overflow sensor function, user-programmable as various bin types
    Software only (customer-supplied buckets)

Machine Vision Options

Machine vision can perform one or a combination of a number of functions:

Device present 2D Lead/ball/pad inspection Pin 1 present in 1 to 4 rotation positions
Mark present 3D Lead/ball inspection Package dimension verification


Mark Inspection:

2D data matrix read/verified OCR (optical character recognition) Pattern quality check
Tray barcode read OCV (optical character verification) Pattern or 2D verification
Whole tray inspection Robot alignment  


Exatron will use any vision system, including the following:

  • Banner
  • Cognex
  • Coherix 2D and 3D inspection
  • Exatron E2D, 2D BGA inspection
  • Siemens (formerly RVSI)


Laser Mark Options

All Model 900 handlers equipped with laser include:

  • Internal beam shielding
  • CDRH Class 1 laser mark enclosure
  • Smoke extraction tube (vacuum or filter optional)

Any laser marker, including the following (Exatron recommendation based on application):

  • Keyence
  • Laservall
  • Miyachi Unitek
  • Rofin
  • Trumpf
  • Videojet

Available accessories:

  • Purex fume extractor
  • Laser mount with fully automatic vertical Z-axis height adjustment
    Servo-motor controlled
    Predefined laser position saved in job recipes

Interface Options

  • Eight-sort TTL interface
  • GPIB interface
  • SECS/GEM interface
  • Custom interfaces

Miscellaneous Options

  • Oneac power conditioner
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for enclosure
  • Golden-part tray for up to 3 devices
  • Second primary hard drive
  • Handheld barcode reader with holder
  • Built-in vacuum pickup wand
  • Model 900 Series spare parts kit

Facilities Requirements


100 to 240 VAC at 50 or 60Hz
Current depends on options


80 PSI clean dry air at 5 CFM (typical)
Exatron supplies a ¼-20 Type "M" air fitting standard


Please contact us for more information.

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