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Large Bridge System
20" x 20" Travel Stage.
Custom 12" Wafer
Handling System

Automatic Instrument for 8" Wafer Measurement

Franklin MCI designed and manufactured this entire system except for the wafer robot. The wafer robot was supplied by the customer. Franklin designed and made the following:  Complete enclosure, wafer cassette bases with sensors, all precision mechanical stages and ball bearing movements, and provided the motor controllers. T

This system handled 4,5,6, and 8 inch wafers.

Microscope Inspection System with Custom 26" x 32" Stage

Franklin MCI designed and manufactured this system to the customers specifications. The granite was designed by Franklin, but purchased from a granite manufacturer. Franklin manufactured the complete enclosure and custom 26 "x 32" travel motorized stage. They also provided a motorized Z-motion stage for a 35 pound microscope.

This system was used in the flat panel industry.

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